About REAP:

REAP is a San Francisco-based non-profit, 501-c-3 project of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) in Washington, DC. The coalition was founded in June 2001 in collaboration with Bluewater Network(CA), Climate Solutions (WA) and REAP’s director Brooke Coleman.

REAP members fund the coalition’s activities. Members are not required to pay dues, but are encouraged to do so. REAP continues to seek private foundation funding.

The coalition was formed to create a diverse, yet unified voice of support for renewable energy development. Renewable energy development is critical to our nation’s ability to address four critical areas of concern: domestic economic development, foreign oil dependence, global warming, and public health.

By pulling together groups with nationally recognized expertise in these respective areas, REAP becomes a more effective advocate, and puts itself in a position to bridge the gap between these groups (environmentalists, industry, farmers, unions, public agencies, etc.). Our broad and growing network of members enable a national and coordinated presence with minimal operating costs.

For more information, contact REAP at: [email protected]