U.S. dependence on fossil fuels is an economic, environmental and national security issue of critical concern. Even if overseas oil supplies are sufficient, it makes little sense to continue exporting U.S. jobs and capital at the expense of public health, global climate and national security.

Cleaner technologies and other conservation strategies are critical, but biofuels offer a greater immediate term opportunity to begin reducing foreign oil dependence, fossil fuel consumption and global warming emissions. We need both. There is great potential to pass meaningful renewable fuels legislation at the state and federal level because the issue crosses party lines. Producing and utilizing renewable fuels creates jobs and rural economic growth, helps protect the environment and reduces our vulnerability to overseas oil supply disruptions.

REAP has engaged in various efforts to promote the use of renewable fuels, ranging from pressuring major oil companies to replace the gasoline additive MTBE with ethanol to participation in state and federal regulatory activities.

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