Key Legislation:

2002 Federal Farm Bill

On May 2, 2002, the Senate and House Farm Bill conferees finalized the federal farm bill. REAP actively supported the energy title provisions, which allocate a landmark $201 million to assist farmers and ranchers in making energy efficiency improvements and developing on-farm renewable energy resources.

2002 Federal Energy Bill

The respective energy bills passed by the Senate and House are in conference committee, as of July 2002. The Senate version failed to include key provisions, including an aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard and Fuel Efficiency Standards. Many REAP members oppose the bill as a result. A bright spot is the Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) Reform provisions, which ban MTBE, waive the oxygen standard, and implement a national renewable fuels standard (RFS). These provisions are critical to efforts to eliminate and replace MTBE in the national gasoline pool.

California Assembly Bill 1058

REAP actively supports AB 1058, which calls on the California Air Resources Board to evaluate and enact all feasible CO2 reduction strategies for the transportation sector.